Surface Dewatering Treatment with Solar Powered Telemetry

Provided a 250 GPM water treatment system.


Lagoons on a former automotive manufacturing facility were contaminated with PFAS and required treatment before the ponds could be filled and the site redeveloped.
Flint, MI


  • (12) LPV-2000 Liquid Phase Carbon Vessels
  • Multi-stage Bag Filters
  • Sand and Gravel Filters
  • Solar Powered Telemetry Package
  • 18,000 Gallon Frac Tanks
  • Transfer Pumps
  • Submersible Pump
  • Monitoring and Maintenance


The redevelopment of a former manufacturing facility in Flint, MI called for the treatment of surface water and Global’s project team provided a unique and cost-effective solution with a modular treatment system and remote solar-powered telemetry. The treatment process utilizes nine 2,000 lbs vessels plumbed in a series of three which allows for variations in flow rates and easy isolation and removal of individual vessels and treatment trains ultimately giving the client the ability to maximize limited redevelopment funds while still achieving the required treatment results.

The telemetry alarm system is completely solar-powered and includes a high differential pressure shut-down and cellular call out to alert Global to a fouling of the bag filters and a low/high float control to automate pumping to the frac tanks during maintenance dewatering. This provides the highest possible operational efficiency as the system can run effectively without oversight and Global technicians are available on-site within three hours in the event of an alarm.

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