PFAS Water Treatment Pilot Study

Conducted a PFAS water treatment pilot study.


A former automotive manufacturing facility tasked Global with conducting a treatability pilot study to test activated carbon’s performance removing contaminants from groundwater at varying empty-bed contact times.
PFAS, chlorinated solvents, iron, total organic carbon
Ypsilanti, MI


  • Electric pump skid with integrated control panel featuring low/high automatic pump control, high pressure shut down, and wireless telemetry to alert Global and its client of treatment system shut downs
  • Custom passive overflow system installed in the influent frac tank to reroute groundwater back to its source in the event of influent tank high level conditions
  • (2) GTS model BF-2 bag filter skids plumbed in series with 25 and 5 micron bag filters to prevent GAC fouling
  • (4) GTS model LPV-2000 activated carbon adsorbers each filled with 2000 pounds of TS8X30CPR GAC
  • HDPE Pipe


Design, install, and maintain a 50 GPM max treatment system for a 6-month pilot study including iron precipitation, settling, two stage filtration, and 4-stage treatment using activated carbon with multiple GAC vessels providing clients the ability to test removal performance at 10, 20, 30, and 40 minutes of empty-bed contact time.

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