Dewatering of a Stormwater Detention Basin

A Detroit brownfield redevelopment site required dewatering of a stormwater basin.


A brownfield redevelopment site required dewatering of a stormwater detention basin in preparation for liner installation and outfall structure.
Per- and Poly-fluorinated Substances, Suspended Solids
Detroit, MI



4" Diesel Pump

21,000 Gallon Frac Tank

Diesel Generator

Submersible Pumps


Global designed, installed, and is operating a dewatering and treatment system that began with initial water removal, treatment, and discharge using a 4" diesel trash pump and our MWT-8K2-01 treatment trailer. The MWT-8K2-01 utilizes multi-bag capacity filter chambers and lead/lag-activated carbon beds, filled with TS8X30CPR reactivated carbon to meet discharge objectives.

Upon completion of initial dewatering and to facilitate construction activities in the detention basin, Global will install maintenance dewatering equipment that will convey water to a 21,000-gallon frac tank for equalization and sediment settling. Stored water will then be pumped autonomously through the MWT-8K2-01 treatment trailer, then to the local sewer authority. Global will conduct daily site visits to record operational data and perform maintenance as needed to ensure continuous site operations.

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