Dewatering of a Former Wastewater Lagoon

Site redevelopments required dewatering of a former wastewater lagoon.


Site redevelopments required dewatering of a former wastewater lagoon to facilitate backfill and construction activities.
Per- and Poly-fluorinated Substances, Suspended Solids
Southeast Michigan


(6) LPV-2000

4" Diesel Pump


BF-4 Bag Filter Unit

21,000 Gallon Frac Tank

Diesel Generator

Submersible Pumps


Global designed, installed, and is operating a dewatering and treatment system at a redevelopment site in Southeast Michigan. The process began with initial water removal, treatment, and discharge of the former wastewater lagoon using a 4" diesel trash pump and two trains of (3) LPV-2000 vessels, run in parallel to achieve the desired flow rate of 150 gallons per minute (GPM). Global's SF-243 sand filter unit with automatic backwashing capabilities was utilized to ensure consistent flow rates are maintained when an operator is not present.

Upon completion of initial dewatering, and to facilitate construction activities in the detention basin, Global will install maintenance dewatering equipment to convey water to a 21,000-gallon frac tank for equalization and sediment settling. Stored water will be automatically pumped through the treatment system, then discharged to a surface ditch under NPDES permit.

Global is utilizing a remote monitoring system to enable logging and visibility of real-time treatment system operational data including flow rate, tank levels, totalizer reading, and pressure readings. Real-time data access and custom alarm set-points help to determine the need for onsite maintenance visits. Routine site visits include recording operational data and performing maintenance as-needed to ensure continuous site operations.

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