Bag Filter Change Demo on a Dual 3-Stage Filter

Instructions for performing DIY bag filter changes in the field.


Performing DIY bag filter changes.
Organic and inorganic suspended solids.
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Sand and Mixed Media Filters


Our bag filter skids are designed to enhance water quality by removing suspended solids using P2 filter bags ranging from 200 micron to 0.5 micron, nominal ratings. They can be used as stand-alone systems for run-off, industrial processes, waste water filtration, or as a pre-treatment prior to other water treatment processes. Most units feature two or more filter canisters plumbed in parallel with isolation valving to allow for filter changes without shutting down process flow.

Units are also skid-mounted for easy on-site placement and include pressure gauges and sample ports. The manifold plumbing allows for multiple units to be plumbed together to increase flow capacity and/or filtering ability.

Bag filter change step-by-step:

  1. Isolate chamber by closing inlet and outlet valves.
  2. Relieve pressure by opening air bleed.
  3. Open drain valve.
  4. Loosen swing bolts that secure lid.
  5. Turn hand-wheel to raise lid.
  6. Remove retaining clips that hold bag filters in place.
  7. Remove used filters.
  8. Install new filters.
  9. Close drain valve once water level is low enough to replace filters.
  10. Re-install retaining clips.
  11. Turn hand-wheel to lower lid.
  12. Tighten swing bolts in alternating or opposite pattern.
  13. Open inlet and outlet valves.
  14. Close air bleed valve once water is existing valve.
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