Industrial Wastewater Treatment Operator Certifications

Congratulations to Alex Fancy, Operations Manager and Robert Hikade, Project Manager who recently passed the State of Michigan Operator Exam for additional Industrial/Commercial Waste Water Treatment Certifications!

State-Certified Waste Water Treatment Operators are a key component of Global’s staff and are integral to providing clients with assistance in obtaining necessary water discharge permits and staying in compliance with sampling requirements.

Global professionals now hold certifications for the following categories:

Plain Clarification (A-1b)

Solids removal by gravity separation in a mechanical clarifier

Filtration of Wastewater (A-2b)

Filtration of wastewater for the purpose of removing particulate materials. Specifically for rapid sand filters, but may also include such processes as pressure sand filters, and continuous backwash sand filters.

Neutralization (B-1b)

A chemical treatment process whereby a wastewater is neutralized (acid and/or base addition) to achieve a pH level required to meet a discharge permit limit.

Chemical Clarification (B-2a)

Coagulation and/or Precipitation for solids removal from wastewater.

Chemical coagulation – The removal of suspended solids from wastewater through the addition of polymer, ferric chloride, alum, or other coagulants added to wastewater just prior to clarification.

Chemical precipitation – The removal of dissolved solids from wastewater by precipitation through the addition of a base, ferric chloride, alum or other chemical agent just prior to clarification.

Ion Exchange (B-2b)

A wastewater treatment process in which undesirable ionic materials in wastewater are exchanged for other ions on a resin material.

Oil-Water Separation (B-2c)

Separation of oil from water with or without chemical addition.

Carbon Adsorption (B-3b)

Removal of organic compounds from wastewater by adsorption on activated carbon.

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